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SmartUp Solutions changes previous QMS to Q-Line models in Government Offices

SmartUp Solutions has won the public procurement tender for Queue Management Systems for Government Offices.

SmartUp Solutions delivers patient registration machines to “Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital”

The Q-Line patient registration machines developed & manufactured by SmartUp Solutions, will assist the patient a

QR code reader identification at Extreme Digital store’s queue management system

SmartUp Solutions built a QR code reader into the queue management kiosks, which were delivered by SmartUp Solutions,

SmartUp Solutions provides nationwide QMS support for National IT & Communication Services

SmartUp Solutions has contracted with the National IT & Communication Services (NISZ), to support and further dev

SmartUp Solutions supplies ticketing machines to the domestic “Sziklakórház Museum”
SmartUp Solutions intstalls 8 pcs entrance ticket vending machines at the Sziklakórház Museum.
SmartUp Solution delivers the ticketing machines to Mahart Passnave

SmartUp Solutions delivers 5 ticket vending machines (TVM) to some of the vessel stations of Mahart Passnave on the r