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Ügyfélorintelt szemléletmódunk mentén folyamatosan dolgozunk szolgáltatásaink minőségének emelésén

Product Realization

Saját tervezésű és gyártású megoldások, valamint bérgyártási szolgáltatások

On-site installation

IT infrastruktúra tervezés és üzemeltetés, üzleti tanácsadás, rendszerfelmérés, stb.

Software development

Ügyviteli rendszerek, workflow megoldások és célalkalmazások egyedi igények szerint

SmartUp: Product Realization

Product Realization

We believe that Innovation is vital. That's why our R&D engineers are constantly developing our existing products and working on new ideas.

Keeping up with the latest trends, our engineers design the look of the current products. Therefore, we have won several design awards in recent years. Our results are the result of the joint work of our designers and mechanical engineers.

The mechanical and electrical designs of our products are made in accordance with the required specifications which is executed by our professional mechanical and electrical designers.

For all product development, when the plans are completed, a prototype is being produced. Modifications are noted during the testing phase of the prototype, which are incorporated into the final design prior to the serial production.

Based on the modified plans, serial production can be started in the ordered quantities. The production is executed in a world-class 500 m2 production plant.

Testing is the final phase of production: first the manufacturer tests the product, then there is an acceptance test with the presence of the Customer, based on a precompiled test report.

We organize the entire production process in accordance to the ISO 9002 quality principles. When selecting our suppliers, we also consider the ISO 9002 criteria.

On-site installation

With several years of experience, our service team installs, queue management systems and information kiosks with the utmost expertise and utmost attention. We provide our clients with a series of consultations prior to the planned installation, to ensure that their systems are configured in the most appropriate manner and to optimize their requirements.

We provide flat-rate consulting and remote & on-site support for the ongoing operation of installed devices.

We provide preventive maintenance services based on a pre-planned schedule to ensure optimal performance and maximum lifetime.

Based on our spare parts base, we provide repair & maintenance services countrywide during the basic or even for the extended warranty period.

We won’t leave our customers after the warranty period has expired! Based on a customized set of criteria, we provide a national 24/7 repair service.

We keep a separate spare part base for our service contract customers.

SmartUp: On-site installation
Customer service
We provide 24h customer service for supporting our customers. We operate an electronic ticketing system to record and register errors and faults.
Consultation and advice
We provide consultation to our business partners at different levels of cooperation; from compiling the requirements, through the optimal product selection, to the ideal installation environment and cost-effective operation.
SmartUp: Software development

Our highly trained development team is able to meet any software development requirements tailored to the needs of our customers. We can be partners in Microsoft thin and thick client, Java, PHP platforms and any mobile development task. We have Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle expertise in database management and other cost effective solutions (mySQL, Postgres).

Software development

We can support your concepts with the following technologies:

  • WinForms applications
  • WPF applications
  • ASP.NET applications
  • MVC applications
  • Windows Service Layer applications
  • Web Services, WCF Services

File, Web Service, WCF, etc. based interfaces

  • MS SQL 2008-2016 database design
  • Analysis and optimization of databases
  • Oracle, mySQL, Postgres database design

Developing PHP and Java applications

If your own development team needs professional consultation or you have a lack of resources, our highly qualified colleagues can provide you with professional guidance after the problem is identified.


Contact us and request a quotation from our colleagues who are happy to be at your disposal.