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SmartUp Solutions changes previous QMS to Q-Line models in Government Offices
SmartUp Solutions has won the public procurement tender for Queue Management Systems for Government Offices. SmartUp will disassemble the old devices and replace them
SmartUp Solutions delivers patient registration machines to “Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital”
The Q-Line patient registration machines developed & manufactured by SmartUp Solutions, will assist the patient admission at Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital next year.
QR code reader identification at Extreme Digital store’s queue management system
SmartUp Solutions built a QR code reader into the queue management kiosks, which were delivered by SmartUp Solutions, hence speeding up customer identification.
SmartUp Solutions provides nationwide QMS support for National IT & Communication Services
SmartUp Solutions has contracted with the National IT & Communication Services (NISZ), to support and further develop its queue management (QMS) software for the
SmartUp Solutions supplies ticketing machines to the domestic “Sziklakórház Museum”
SmartUp Solutions intstalls 8 pcs entrance ticket vending machines at the Sziklakórház Museum. They are not only for ticket sales, but also for donations.
SmartUp Solution delivers the ticketing machines to Mahart Passnave
SmartUp Solutions delivers 5 ticket vending machines (TVM) to some of the vessel stations of Mahart Passnave on the river Danube. A unique software was developed to